Dog Days


Ah, late summer.

We have but only a few fleeting weeks left, and then it’s back to boots, denim and chunky sweaters for me. In the meantime, I’ll continue my ban on almost any pants. This pair is just light and airy enough. And since I found them while thrifting, I’m a little upset that I can’t find more like them. The bodysuit is just a backless swimsuit. It’s always nice to be prepared in case someone invites you to an impromptu pool party in the ‘burbs. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right?

::ADDITIONAL NEWS:: A coulee weeks ago, I was a guest on the radio show DesignHERLife with the wonderful Felicia Perry! We talked about self care, IG life vs real life AND thrifting (of course). You can listen to my segment here. ❤


Shoes and Swimsuit: Amazon

Pants: Arc’s Value Village

Denim On Denim

I’m not upset with the denim on denim trend happening right now. In fact…I’ve always loved it in an absurd way. From it’s resurgence in acid wash of the mid eighties, all the way down to the stunning atrocity that was Britney and Justin’s coordinating denim some 15 award shows ago. What I love about denim is that the ‘less is more’ construct could not be more fitting for it. It’s so basic and yet so overpowering, that you have to be careful. Or not! And for that, it has all my interest right about now.

To overdue denim is easy, sure. Canadian Tuxedos are easy to do on accident. Just find a great denim jacket, and see how creative you HAVE to be when adding it with pants. But a great loophole for me has been to rarely wear (actual) pants. I’ve paired my jacket with maxi skirts and this fun bodysuit.

I like to make my denim count in more creative ways, like scarves or shoes. Wearing it in unexpected places is much more fun. Still timely, but a fun take on a current trend.

Head Wrap – The Wrap Life

Jacket – Lucky Brand

Body Suit – H&M

Shoes – Converse

Rice Bag handmade purse – Arc’s Value Village



I’ve been on an 80s revival kick since summer began. As I’ve said time and time again, my looks almost always derive from pop culture of the past..I guess you could say vintage, but I tend to stay north of the 1970s (can the 90s be vintage yet? The answer is no because I’m not ready, who would say that-are you calling me OLD???)

Anyway.. the 1980s have been calling me…and what part of the 80s inspired this pretty minimalist outfit? None other than the gorgeous and varying feminine characters of School Daze and She’s Gotta Have It (two of my favorite Spike Lee Joints).

Although I won’t get too film geek here, Spike Lee has been one of my favorite filmmakers since high school. I’ve always loved his strong female leads (even if the men were hella problematic, but moving on). Spike has had superb cinematic visions that I adore to this day. But my favorite thing about both movies were the unapologetically sexy, black women.



School Daze (1988)

I LOVED seeing natural hair in varying lengths, shapes, styles, colors and TEXTURES. I’ve been waiting or a reason to cut my big fro, and Rachel (middle) was my inspo. Also, where can I find that sweater..? Or any of the more androgynous looks from this movie??



She’s Gotta Have It (1986)



She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

I’m also a big fan of what I  call”the farmer’s market dress”, which is essentially a dress you can wear sneakers or flat sandals with, but also dress up, adding wedges for a happy hour somewhere. Nola Darling, the main in She’s Gotta Have It, has an impeccable way of wearing the farmers market dress (among many many many other OMG looks, but we don’t have all day and night-that’s a novel for another time). Her mens shirts and slip on dresses wooed me. I wanted the look of an easy, breezy, sexy summer where I walk around aimlessly smelling flowers, even though I’m running around the city from one engagement to another..

::sigh:: adulting..but a girl can dream!

I love color, but I check for silhouette first. I’m top heavy, with narrow hips, so skater dresses are my go-to, usually. This dress isn’t my usual silhouette, but I couldn’t resist. Ralph L. tends not to disappoint no matter what.

Also #WonderWoman.


Dress: Ralph Lauren

Shades: Style Encore


Go With The Flow


I’m going to be honest with you: I hated summer up until high school and/or college. As an cronic sweat producing individual, I couldn’t stand looking “wet” at any cost. This ruled out sooo many activities all year round, as you can imagine. But, with age comes experience; and being a Minnesotan who’s had her fair share of Snowmageddons, I’ve learned to essentially be happy with what I have, while I have it.

My outlook today: summer is pretty great. My sweat strategy? Just go with it, and wear something flowy. This summer, I’ve zoned in on having the most maxi dresses, wind catching skirts and light weight pants. NO skinny jeans unless there’s an AC present. There is nothing worse than sweating in tight clothing. 💦💦

Dress: Bordeaux Necklace: Patina

You’re Worth More.



Headwrap, shirt: Arc’s Value Village Jeans: Gap Shades: American Eagle

You really are. And I am too. Which is why we shouldn’t put unneeded stress onto ourselves for what we are or what we are not!!

That’s a big thought whilst lurking around a thrift store, isn’t it? I tend to have big thoughts during mundane tasks . One thought: I don’t know what the initial intent was for this jersey shirt, but I’m going full undergrad Women Studies with it. KNOW YOUR WORTH QUEENS! YOU ARE OF VALUE NO MATTER WHAT. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!

Huge leap there, but anyway.. I’m starting to realize not everyone has the same outlook on thrift buying as I do. It’s such an important idea to me, VALUABLE, one might say, to the world around us. But for those new to it, or apprehensive, I’ll give you a few points of view:

For my earthy friends: What is better than leaving your community and world with less waste by shopping for lightly used garments?? Sustainable fashion is just good housekeeping for the earth.

To my frugal friends: 50% off on already cheap tags is legit. This entire outfit is new and cost $13.

To my Squeamish/Germphobes: I was you once: Clothes. Are. Washable.

To my online shoppers: Sure, finding that specific item is exhilarating online, but you haven’t known happiness until it happens in the midst of digging through a thirst store.

To Label Junkies: Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Wang are all names I’ve found and kept while thrifting- and those are just off the top of my head (almost literally, but wrap game is fierce).

So DO NOT underestimate the wonders and gifts of a thrift store. And should you get the courage to enter, perhaps start with a little bit of guidance, thanks to Arc Value Village’s FREE personal shopping service! Visit for details on appointments!


Ten years ago…if you were to tell me that 30 would mean drag queen parties and tattoo dates with my mom, I would have nothing to say to you. You’re clearly a weirdo who doesn’t know me.

…flash forward.

It’s been close to one month of me being 30. That could sound like a little or a lot depending on the person reading this. It could be daunting to think anyone could be so old (I get it. I was you once…all those years ago..). Or it could ignite an eye roll over such dramatics, or a light chuckle.. the warm memory of what that year felt like. Or maybe you’re new to the Three-Oh yourself; in which case, welcome! and thank you. We’ll get through this together, it’ll be fun.

It’s strange to be 30 in 2017. I’m much more sure about the things that keep me happy and healthy, and I’m having more fun than I could ever anticipated. There’s just one thing I haven’t grasped onto yet, though I’m not sure I want anymore..

I haven’t been “comfortable” yet. I have so much to learn and explore, that I can’t sit still. That’s not what I was expecting at 30. Do you know what I expected? Well, at 20 or 21, it was marriage, a house, a car, the suburbs, a kid (I guess) and all the “comfort” that comes with being a full grown adult. No mention to whether or not wanted those things; it was just what was expected of myself at LEAST by 30..

I only have a couple of those things, and I’m downright thankful. I didn’t know what I wanted at the time, but I knew what other people had before me, and that drove me in my early 20s. I hate to say it, but I surely could not have been the only one.

The things I have only came because of the work I put in to have them. The things I don’t have were also conscious decisions. In other words: people change, priorities change. The rub, however, is the fact that adults tell you these things are important for YEARS, creating a cute little complex when it’s time to have things of your own.

So here I am. 30 years old. Having the time of my life and STILL questioning if it’s well deserved.

Did I mention I was neurotic at birth?

Shoes: Converse Skirt: H&M Bodysuit: American Apparel Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand Co.

Lavender Lemonade 

The “cute” type spring I’m so fond of finally showed itself this weekend and, lucky for me, I was ready to kick it in high gear for parties on top of parties- it is Fashion Week in MN, if you hadn’t heard! Not to mention few anniversaries to celebrate..

With this outfit, I had to represent everything most important to me (besides me. I kid, not really) in the month of April: the anniversary of Prince’s passing last year…and the release of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter’s now ICONIC visual album, Lemonade. We all know where we were when we heard news of both (Yes, both).

So this was my contribution to their honor. My homage to the GOATs, if you will.

But no one cared ANYTHING about that. Everybody just wanted to know where my earrings were from. Because who in the hell walks around with curtain tassels hanging from there head? 🙋🏾

Head wrap: a thrift find (Arc’s Value Village)

Shades: ASOS

Earrings: Flaunt This

Top: Amazon

Pants: H&M

Slides: ASOS (Birthday gift from The Best Dressed Of The Twin Cities 2017)