Fashion Week Minnesota

YES, there is such a thing.

I rep hard for creatives in this city and-trust-there are SOOO many. The culture here in the Twin Cities is amazing, and Fashion Week MN is routinely on point.

I was honored to be a show attendant as well as a show HOST this year! FGI MSP’s Fall:Into Luxury fashion show featured looks by local designers and stores. This was by far my favorite look of the night:


Photo courtesy of FGI MSP Instagram

Hosting duties were split between me and Sarah Edwards, who really seemed to enjoy my late-in-the-day coffee fueled dancing.


Photo courtesy of FGI MSP Instagram

The evening was a success! I didn’t get to try out any jokes but I didn’t stutter, so I gave myself a B+. Adequate, but left room for improvement.


Photo Courtesy of Hita & Hill Instagram

That following evening, I attended Envision’s 10 year anniversary show. As you can see, I really get into an era inspiration when autumn rolls around. Maybe it’s the browns and yellows, but I gravitate toward late 60s early 70s looks about this time. I don’t believe in leaving white after Labor Day or whatever-the-hell fashion rules, so I don’t go by the rule of keeping pastels in spring either. My style motto: I don’t give a fuq, do whatever you want. (I just made that up. Let’s use it, shall we? #IDGAFDWYW) I also have an aversion to matching, so I tend to go the rainbow route and throw a few different colors on the easel.





Quiet before the fashion storm


By far, my favorite looks of the night came from Cliché in Minneapolis. Everything worked for me, the coats, the dresses, the socks and platforms and…THE METALLIC HEADDRESSES. I wouldn’t shut up about them, so naturally I was gifted the biggest one by the owners. I think I’ll wear it to work.

And so ends another Fall Fashion Week MN. I’ll be front row again next spring!

Dresses: (Green maxi) Asos, (Pink mini) Lipsy London

Head Wraps: gifted and thrifted (Purple) from a freind (Yellow) Arc Value Village – Richfield

Shoes: Target

Earrings: (White tassels) Get Flaunted (Gold leaves) b. Resale

Black Widow


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This particular evening called for all black, accentuating one stunning, glittery woman turning 30 (Hey Ash!) But while putting this outfit together, I recalled having far more black in my closet some years ago for such occasions. Similar look, but one very different reason I kept it: I used black to blend in while accompanying my husband Chris at events.

The field of fashion can be elitist, and as the wife of an editorial photographer, it was all very intimidating. I didn’t feel I belonged, and I was afraid to express my own style because of it. As I grew to love myself more, I understood how clothing can be an outlet of pride in myself.

Black isn’t a neutral, it’s straight up bold and elegant (as anyone could see in my previous BEY-centric post).

Of course the new and improved me hinted through (hence the bold lip, the wrap, and that lettermen jacket that keeps popping up-get used to it-fall is here and I’m obsessed).




Earrings- H&M

Necklace-Thrifted (Arc)

Top-American Apparel

Black Denim- Asos

Shoes-Steve Madden








Hello and HAPPY BEY DAY! As the leading member and slay queen of EVIRA once told me (more about *us* later), “Bey is not an interest or a hobby; Bey is a lifestyle”. To commemorate the queen’s 35th birthday, I thought I’d throw it back to May 23rd 2016, when Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter graced the Twin Cities with her presence.

Much like the rest of BeyHive that evening, I decided to get into Formation and wear head to toe black. I needed to go against the grain of course, and I did with a velvet/satin head wrap AND a huge floppy hat. The end result was early Janelle Monet realness which in all fairness, felt quite fitting.

I don’t give in to a lot of cleavage anymore, so the transparent bodysuit was a bit daring for me, personally. I was surprised to have it come off as demure as it did. And because I had a specific look in mind, my head wrap was the only item I obtained by thrifting.

Minneapolis braved the storm for our Queen Bey and looked flawless doing so! Cheers to another year and more slayage, Bey!!!!



Hat, earrings and Shoes -H &M

Bodysuit, chocker, rings and high waist denim – Asos

Headwrap -Arc’s Value Village-Richfield



Statement Pieces. I love a good head wrap, a stunning coat and fussy dresses.

Sometimes, I like to put all of my favs together and see the outcome. It occurred to me after looking at this photo, that I have some serious preppy angst I’m still trying to overcome. I’m positive I just made it up, but it still runs deep. And when I say I gave all my teenaged earnings to Ralph Lauren….

Also, I don’t want to brag, but I put this look together feverishly the night before, then rushed, having to put it on in the backseat of my car after a grueling day with eighteen 4 year olds.

Honestly, nothing about this should look as calm and cool as it does. Kudos to my photographer.


Head Scarf-Thrifted (Arc’s Value Village)


Letterman Jacket-Forever 21 (Thrifted from Arc)

Belt-Vintage Coach (Thrifted)


Photo by Chris McDuffie


What is style?

Honest to hell and back, I don’t know. It’s overly presumptuous to say I, or anyone else has it. Like most people, I see something I like and determine whether or not it’s something for me. It’s a fact that I take my philosophies on life from movies in television. In the theory of style and fashion, I refer to Ratatouille: Anyone can cook? Anyone can have style! If you love it, and you’re confident in it, than it’s yours and you’re good at it (It’s the Millennial in me).

I have a hard time taking style and fashion seriously, as you can see. More often than not, I’m low-key cosplaying, and no one’s the wiser. I love cartoons and offbeat movie characters. I’m quoting Clueless in my head 80% of my day. But I’m still the shy girl who wore all navy blue to blend in, but secretly adored the ‘weird’ kids in capes. I was one of them in my heart but didn’t have the nerve to unleash it.

It’ll sound cliche, but with age comes major self-confidence. I’m almost 30; I will be who I want to, critics be damned. Is it still scary sometimes? Hell yeah. Growing up, I made a point to come early to class, so I’d never have a set of eyes on me as I walked through the door. Now, I make an *Entrance* as often as I can. Not for the crowd. For that little girl who didn’t know she’d grow to be a queen. I express myself through clothing, because it’s what she wanted, and most afraid of. There’s no person in my world I want to make more proud.

She’s the stylish one. I’m just paying her homage.