Playing for Keeps

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Can you imagine exactly what first life this top had before I found it? Was it a softball team? or maybe a bowling league?? Either way, it’s epic and I’m glad to have it, even if I’m in no way, shape or form a housewife.

..though I’m surely not one to be played with.


Top: Thrifted

Denim: Good American

Patch Adams

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To my surprise, I get genuine compliments when I were this sweater. I never expect to. The point of buying it, in my mind, was the fact that it’s potentially hideous. And I love ugly sweaters well after the holiday parties.

I like to imagine sometime in the mid 90s, an aunt Marg from Grand Rapids made this gem for her 12 year old niece and it stayed in that girl’s closet, only to remerge when Auntie come to visit. Because, minus a few frayed patches, it’s still well preseved.

Sweater: thrifted (obviously)

Denim: Good American

Earrings: H&M

Glasses: EyeBuyDirect

New Year, Same Clothes, Fresh Outlook


2018 IS HERE!

As I   mentioned before, my December resolution was to stay away from my usual retail therapy, and go back to the drawing board with everything I  own already. December is a busy time for social gatherings, so coming up with something different while also being festive was pretty daunting at first. The point of it all is that I WON. I spent zero dollars on myself, had a few weak moments but in the end,  I managed to secure the appropriate attire for the right occasions whilst saving time, money and quite honestly, being happier for it.


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Coat, Crop top: Asos Headwrap: WrapLife, Denim: Good American, Shades: Amazon

Kelis Show- Dec 5th

Sing it with me, you know the words: I LOVE a good costume. Of course, I’d go to a Kelis “Bossy” Rogers show wearing something inspired, because again, costumes, and also wasn’t 2003 just great in terms of black women fashions? It’s underestimated.

I actually dug out this top which was nicely folded summer storage.





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Headwrap: WrapLife, Choker: Asos, Blazer: thrifted






Dru Hill Concert/Holiday Parties 


In 2017,  I saw Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Coldplay, Big Freedia, Lizzo, Mos Def, Vintage Trouble, Kamasi Washington and allllllll the drag shows. I’m surely forgetting a few, but I hope to get lost in the music and dance again in the new year. This was a combination of general 90s inspo and the movie Clueless. I thrifted this blazer right after telling myself I  was totally over blazers but Cher (as I like to call her) is the best Ralph Lauren ‘esuqe’ piece I’ve ever own, that isn’t even FROM RL. Had to. Needed it. Cher made like 3 appearances in December.






Headwrap and negligee: thrifted, earrings: H&M, Top: American Apparel, Denim: Good American

Bey Ball- Dec 22nd

When I  said December was social, I wasn’t kidding. This is the most eccentric club kid (light) look that I’ve probably ever been in. I’m still nerdy and a bit preppy, but who can resist wearing a sexy VINTAGE negligee to a dance party SOLEY CATERED TO BEYONCÉ STANS??? I was called Cher Horowitz 5 times that night.  I felt ridiculous in the absolute best way.









Fur and Dress: Asos, Headwrap and pearls: thrifted, 


I  came up with this the day of, which I’m still patting myself on the back for. Who hasn’t had a kanipshin over the 12 hours preceding New Years?! It’s so damn nerving to worry about what to where and how to wear it as your last outing of the year PLUS frigid Minnesota weather. Cute rarely fits with comfortable when it comes to NYE. But I let color lead the way and I followed it all the way to these speakers where I most definitely took the photo that will be blown up and presented at my eulogy. I  generally don’t include selfies here, but the color story in the last photo does the outfit justice.


So in my conclusion of ‘No Buy December’, my need to hold on to a piece for a better occasion actually worked in my favor. Because I had so many things I had overlooked, or certain pieces I  weren’t sure were for the ‘right’ time or place, I was able to surprise myself with something cool and new. It also allowed me to think outside of my usuals and add something more. I felt my most eccentric in the past month, and my most creative. I  can’t wait to try it again. I’d like to make a point to do it every other month. Maybe March..after I  pursue a few online stores..but just a (few) quick peeks..