Closet Shopping


I’ve been MIA over here for a little while, and I’m sorry about that. If you know me outside of the blog, you haven’t missed me-I’ve kind of been all over (more about that soon). But I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve fell into a bit of a style rut. Everyone has at some point, right? When I looked inside myself for a culprit, I realized it came from the pressure of having something *new* to show. And you’re probably thinking¬†“NEW”, V?? This is a blog about thrifting. WTF. But still. When you’re constantly looking for quirky, one of a kind thrift finds, how is that different from any other shopping addiction?

So imagine what happened next: I look at my now exploding closet and have no idea what to wear. When I need inspiration for really anything in my life, I don’t go shopping (that’s how I got into this LITERAL mess) I go exploring. I go to the museum. I watch an art house film. I listen to jazz..and then I get to work.

Back home, I reorganized my closet and did one of my oldies but goodies: closet shopping.

Ever done this before? It’s essentially playing dress up in your closet for new clothing combinations. I have so much I haven’t worn yet, I’m ASHAMED. Really awesome stuff! And I’m not alone- everyone does this, thinking they’ll keep something for a special occasion or whatever. But honestly, every day is cool enough for me to go style crazy, and that’s just what I intend to do.

For the rest of this month, and into January, I’ve made a promise to myself to put my wallet down and push my limits with what I’ve got. I may even surprise myself and extend it! (fingers crossed).


Jumpsuit: Big Mac (Thrifted)

Velvet choker: Asos

“Baby I’m a Star” Pin: CherrymoonPress

“Feelings” Pin: Nora McInerny

Shoes: Doc Martens




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