Royalty, Royalty, Royalty



Photos by Darin Kamnetz Photography


This is the perfect example of having so much in you closet, you don’t even realize some pieces TOTALLY BELONG TOGETHER.

I thrifted (YES thrifted) this gorgeous silk jacket over the summer, having no clue what to do with it. Rule # 1: Don’t just buy something when you aren’t sure has a purpose for you. Thinking outside of the box is great when moving outside of your clothing comfort, but if you end up purchasing things without complimenting what you already have, you’ll end up with what I call a “vomit closet”: A bunch of randos that just spill out of your closet/shelf/wardrobe, no rhyme or reason. Gross. And messy.

Anyway, when I bought this jacket, I had no idea how well it matched this headwrap, one I  wear fairly often. Combine them, along with a little sheer sex appeal, and viola! An event ready outfit without much effort, my favorite.

I was so pleased that I tried it again over the next weekend to similar results-results I  cannot wait to show you in the next post 😉


Headwrap: Thrifted

Sheer Bodysuit: ASOS

Jacket: Arianna Papaell

Jeans: Good American

Closet Shopping


I’ve been MIA over here for a little while, and I’m sorry about that. If you know me outside of the blog, you haven’t missed me-I’ve kind of been all over (more about that soon). But I’m going to be honest with you: I’ve fell into a bit of a style rut. Everyone has at some point, right? When I looked inside myself for a culprit, I realized it came from the pressure of having something *new* to show. And you’re probably thinking “NEW”, V?? This is a blog about thrifting. WTF. But still. When you’re constantly looking for quirky, one of a kind thrift finds, how is that different from any other shopping addiction?

So imagine what happened next: I look at my now exploding closet and have no idea what to wear. When I need inspiration for really anything in my life, I don’t go shopping (that’s how I got into this LITERAL mess) I go exploring. I go to the museum. I watch an art house film. I listen to jazz..and then I get to work.

Back home, I reorganized my closet and did one of my oldies but goodies: closet shopping.

Ever done this before? It’s essentially playing dress up in your closet for new clothing combinations. I have so much I haven’t worn yet, I’m ASHAMED. Really awesome stuff! And I’m not alone- everyone does this, thinking they’ll keep something for a special occasion or whatever. But honestly, every day is cool enough for me to go style crazy, and that’s just what I intend to do.

For the rest of this month, and into January, I’ve made a promise to myself to put my wallet down and push my limits with what I’ve got. I may even surprise myself and extend it! (fingers crossed).


Jumpsuit: Big Mac (Thrifted)

Velvet choker: Asos

“Baby I’m a Star” Pin: CherrymoonPress

“Feelings” Pin: Nora McInerny

Shoes: Doc Martens