‘Horsies’ and Daydreams

Between the Autumn chill of the mornings, and the humid swell of the afternoons, I managed bare shoulders and long sleeves, all at once, for more than a few occasions. I honestly can’t remember a seasonal transition this scattered. I really have to think on my toes before heading out the door.

Over the weekend, I told myself I’d make a practical purchase for some new jeans (considering most of my closet is thrifted, it’s quite a struggle for me to pay full price). But jeans are hard for me, like most, and I find that H&M’s new line of high waist denim works. Lots of stretch in the thighs and a nice hug around the waist. Styles are a little limiting, but I was cool with this $30 pair.

Pulled them together with a silk pajama shirt and my favorite bag right now. You can take the girl out of the thrift shop..

ps: I’ve recently become a fan of the ‘horse girls’. You know the type, right? The girls in elementary school who wore sweaters with galloping horses stitched on them, spoke in a whisper, requested all media have horses in themor on them,  usually a crier during movie day.  I’ve always been fascinated with that type of person, and I wonder-to this day-who those people become. Odd request, but if you know any former ‘horsies’ (my new word for them), send them my way so I can talk about my ironic faux love of horses. 🐴


Shades, Pajama Top and Bag: thrifted

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: indigo rd.