Denim On Denim

I’m not upset with the denim on denim trend happening right now. In fact…I’ve always loved it in an absurd way. From it’s resurgence in acid wash of the mid eighties, all the way down to the stunning atrocity that was Britney and Justin’s coordinating denim some 15 award shows ago. What I love about denim is that the ‘less is more’ construct could not be more fitting for it. It’s so basic and yet so overpowering, that you have to be careful. Or not! And for that, it has all my interest right about now.

To overdue denim is easy, sure. Canadian Tuxedos are easy to do on accident. Just find a great denim jacket, and see how creative you HAVE to be when adding it with pants. But a great loophole for me has been to rarely wear (actual) pants. I’ve paired my jacket with maxi skirts and this fun bodysuit.

I like to make my denim count in more creative ways, like scarves or shoes. Wearing it in unexpected places is much more fun. Still timely, but a fun take on a current trend.

Head Wrap – The Wrap Life

Jacket – Lucky Brand

Body Suit – H&M

Shoes – Converse

Rice Bag handmade purse – Arc’s Value Village