Go With The Flow


I’m going to be honest with you: I hated summer up until high school and/or college. As an cronic sweat producing individual, I couldn’t stand looking “wet” at any cost. This ruled out sooo many activities all year round, as you can imagine. But, with age comes experience; and being a Minnesotan who’s had her fair share of Snowmageddons, I’ve learned to essentially be happy with what I have, while I have it.

My outlook today: summer is pretty great. My sweat strategy? Just go with it, and wear something flowy. This summer, I’ve zoned in on having the most maxi dresses, wind catching skirts and light weight pants. NO skinny jeans unless there’s an AC present. There is nothing worse than sweating in tight clothing. 💦💦

Dress: Bordeaux Necklace: Patina

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