I’ve been on an 80s revival kick since summer began. As I’ve said time and time again, my looks almost always derive from pop culture of the past..I guess you could say vintage, but I tend to stay north of the 1970s (can the 90s be vintage yet? The answer is no because I’m not ready, who would say that-are you calling me OLD???)

Anyway.. the 1980s have been calling me…and what part of the 80s inspired this pretty minimalist outfit? None other than the gorgeous and varying feminine characters of School Daze and She’s Gotta Have It (two of my favorite Spike Lee Joints).

Although I won’t get too film geek here, Spike Lee has been one of my favorite filmmakers since high school. I’ve always loved his strong female leads (even if the men were hella problematic, but moving on). Spike has had superb cinematic visions that I adore to this day. But my favorite thing about both movies were the unapologetically sexy, black women.



School Daze (1988)

I LOVED seeing natural hair in varying lengths, shapes, styles, colors and TEXTURES. I’ve been waiting or a reason to cut my big fro, and Rachel (middle) was my inspo. Also, where can I find that sweater..? Or any of the more androgynous looks from this movie??



She’s Gotta Have It (1986)



She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

I’m also a big fan of what I  call”the farmer’s market dress”, which is essentially a dress you can wear sneakers or flat sandals with, but also dress up, adding wedges for a happy hour somewhere. Nola Darling, the main in She’s Gotta Have It, has an impeccable way of wearing the farmers market dress (among many many many other OMG looks, but we don’t have all day and night-that’s a novel for another time). Her mens shirts and slip on dresses wooed me. I wanted the look of an easy, breezy, sexy summer where I walk around aimlessly smelling flowers, even though I’m running around the city from one engagement to another..

::sigh:: adulting..but a girl can dream!

I love color, but I check for silhouette first. I’m top heavy, with narrow hips, so skater dresses are my go-to, usually. This dress isn’t my usual silhouette, but I couldn’t resist. Ralph L. tends not to disappoint no matter what.

Also #WonderWoman.


Dress: Ralph Lauren

Shades: Style Encore


Go With The Flow


I’m going to be honest with you: I hated summer up until high school and/or college. As an cronic sweat producing individual, I couldn’t stand looking “wet” at any cost. This ruled out sooo many activities all year round, as you can imagine. But, with age comes experience; and being a Minnesotan who’s had her fair share of Snowmageddons, I’ve learned to essentially be happy with what I have, while I have it.

My outlook today: summer is pretty great. My sweat strategy? Just go with it, and wear something flowy. This summer, I’ve zoned in on having the most maxi dresses, wind catching skirts and light weight pants. NO skinny jeans unless there’s an AC present. There is nothing worse than sweating in tight clothing. 💦💦

Dress: Bordeaux Necklace: Patina