You’re Worth More.



Headwrap, shirt: Arc’s Value Village Jeans: Gap Shades: American Eagle

You really are. And I am too. Which is why we shouldn’t put unneeded stress onto ourselves for what we are or what we are not!!

That’s a big thought whilst lurking around a thrift store, isn’t it? I tend to have big thoughts during mundane tasks . One thought: I don’t know what the initial intent was for this jersey shirt, but I’m going full undergrad Women Studies with it. KNOW YOUR WORTH QUEENS! YOU ARE OF VALUE NO MATTER WHAT. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!

Huge leap there, but anyway.. I’m starting to realize not everyone has the same outlook on thrift buying as I do. It’s such an important idea to me, VALUABLE, one might say, to the world around us. But for those new to it, or apprehensive, I’ll give you a few points of view:

For my earthy friends: What is better than leaving your community and world with less waste by shopping for lightly used garments?? Sustainable fashion is just good housekeeping for the earth.

To my frugal friends: 50% off on already cheap tags is legit. This entire outfit is new and cost $13.

To my Squeamish/Germphobes: I was you once: Clothes. Are. Washable.

To my online shoppers: Sure, finding that specific item is exhilarating online, but you haven’t known happiness until it happens in the midst of digging through a thirst store.

To Label Junkies: Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Wang are all names I’ve found and kept while thrifting- and those are just off the top of my head (almost literally, but wrap game is fierce).

So DO NOT underestimate the wonders and gifts of a thrift store. And should you get the courage to enter, perhaps start with a little bit of guidance, thanks to Arc Value Village’s FREE personal shopping service! Visit for details on appointments!

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