Birthday Wishes


So my birthday is next Tuesday… And you may know what I like to wear, but do you know the things I like to indulge in? (Probably.) Well.. How about my ever expanding wishlist???

I keep a wishlist of things handy. I’ve done this since college, and it’s changed and grown right along with me.

In college, it was DVD box sets (Hello, MadMen and The Office) before that, it was god awful handbags of any kind. Let’s just say I had a teal phase..

In the “Club” days I forced myself to pretending to like, it was shoes. Heels mostly, but sneakers too-all eye catching, because my clothes usually weren’t. My taste was an unrefined version of me now: a little quirky, brightly colored but always fun. Present day Ness is a little more complex..maybe even a little less nerdy (not true).

Here are my top 3 wishlist items for spring:

I’m super into the bell and puffer sleeve, and lucky for me, they are popping up almost everywhere. What’s bad for me, however..not all sleeves are created equally. I’m super finicky and want something really specific in a bell sleeve dress, top or jumpsuit-yes I said jumpsuit. I have some lofty goals for what I’m looking for, but this dress from Asos is pretty darn close. Plus I absolutely love royal blue. Almost as much as royal purple (who cares if I just made that up).

Polly Nor is a UK illustrator I’ve been mildly obsessed with. Her work is focused on women in their most vulnerable places, doing things JUST for them. They’re dynamic and gritty and real but absolutely gorgeous and I’ve wanted my very own “Too Good For You” (above) for over a year now. Be careful venturing her work and YOUR place of work-much of her art includes nudity. Oh and devil drawings. Lots of devils.

Last but not least: I want a vintage Schwinn bike. Not just any old bike, but a 70s style yellow, blue or gold Varsity. Easy to come by, most or less, but for an amateur biker who knows nothing about cars OR bikes, buying the right one has been difficult. I don’t want to be swindled into just any bike, and it’d be easy. It’s how I  obtained Elizabeth Taylor. (yes, that is my car’s name). She’s easy on the eyes but complex as hell-much like her namesake.

So on this birthday, I may not have everything on my wishlist, but in essence, they’re all present attributes; style, quirk and finesse. The “things” will come and go but I will always have me 🙂

Ps. New ink would also be nice. Know any good tattoo shops??

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