“There’s something different about you”, a girl quipped in the midst of a crowded house party. A spur of the moment decision on my part to tag along with a friend; I wasn’t familiar with anyone invited and they were cooly unfamiliar with me. As an unsocialized college freshman, it’s just how it starts.

I don’t remember who she was or what she looked like or how she was related to any of the party goers, but I won’t forget how conflictingly resentful and relieved at the sudden reality- I couldn’t blend in, try as I might (and did).


A longtime favorite blogger of mine once said “I don’t wear strange things just so people can look at me. I wear it because that’s what I’m comfortable in”.

People I’ve admired on all accounts, go out of the way to be their true selves. People who aren’t afraid to be uncool or look ‘interesting’ as the Midwesterners say. The people who stand out, even in the slightest, are the people who just happen to wear their interests on their sleeves (often literally!).

And I love that.

I can’t say I was always that person, but I’ll always take a page from their book.


Long story short, my new obsession is adding accouterments to my head wraps. Small crowns and things.


If people can make them work as necklaces, I figured it’s worth a try.

Headwrap/scarf: Nordstrom Rack

Jacket: Filas

Denim Jeggings: H&M

Socks: Asos

Shoes: Mix No. 6 (DSW)

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