WDSAD Style Show


Last weekend, I was honored to style some amazing individuals for the WDSAD Style Show at Arc’s Value Village. WDSAD (World Down Syndrome Awareness Day) is a time to acknowledge the people in our community with Down Syndrome, as well as those with varying exceptionalities. Arc has been a great influence in my community work. I grew up 4 minutes away from the Richfield store, where my family consistantly donates, to this day. I even worked at the location briefly before leaving for college.


Being part of a show like this meant so much to me. I have a sibling on the spectrum of autism, and organization and events like this brings beautiful people like her in the spotlight for a worthy cause. I made new friends in a community I hold dear to my heart.


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Lucky for us stylists, we got the privilege to walk the runway as well. Here’s my runway walk. I was SO nervous, as if I’ve never done this before!


Of course the items I pulled (ALL from Arc) scream Nessa. But only one of them came home with me, and that was this gorgeous camel hair coat.

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It’s smooth and warm like wool, but nowhere near as itchy. And you know I’m a sucker for coats and jackets-I couldn’t let something as cool as a camel hair coat pass me by!

If you’d like to volunteer with Arc or learn more about what they do, visit Arcsvaluevillage.org ❤

Head Scarf: Thrifted (Arc Value Village)

Shades: thrifted (Style Encore-Eagan)

Coat: Larry Levine

Dress: Asos





It’s been known for months that Macy’s in downtown Minneapolis was closing its doors after being a main attraction of Nicollet Mall for several decades. I’ll be part of the last generation to get giddy when navigating through the clearance marked shoes, or become starry eyed during the Christmas displays. I even worked at this location (albeit briefly) just after college. But eating the sausage is much more fun than making it, so not much to tell there.

The point is, I’ll miss it.

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This weekend was the last time outsiders would see Macy’s as we’ve known it, with its wide walls and sparkling floors. It’s now skeletal and eerie. Same light, but nothing for it to gaze upon. No music.

The end of an era. The end of a very particular shopping experience.

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E Commerce has done away with the shopping experiences our parents and grandparents. And (clearly) one can get away with almost never buying brand new. Though, there was a part of me that loved knowing there still a few time capsules like Macy’s floating around my city. One I could visit and get a peek of what once was. Though being part of the problem, I can’t say I’m surprised.

On a lighter note: all I could think while taking this picture was how could I possibly haggle my way to one of those chandeliers… (I couldn’t).

Head Scarf: Arc Value Village

Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand Jeans

Cardigan and socks: Asos

Take Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Old Navy

Backpack: Expressions NYC

Shoes: Converse

Razzle Dazzle


It recently occured to me that I don’t have enough T-shirts anymore.They’re staples to most, but the only ones I held onto after The Great Graphic Tee Epidemic of 2006 were concert or fan tees. This one is autographed by none other than Big Freedia *Queen Diva* (IF YA DON’T KNOW, GOOGLE. YW.)


This blazer was a swap meet find, and as a surprise to probably no one, I’ve found some major gems while swiping, including an evening cape. Evening. CAPE. Straight night at the opera REALNESS.


Headwrap- Arc Value Village find

Shades: Style Encore in Eagan

Blazer: Express

Shirt: Big Freedia

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: H&M




“There’s something different about you”, a girl quipped in the midst of a crowded house party. A spur of the moment decision on my part to tag along with a friend; I wasn’t familiar with anyone invited and they were cooly unfamiliar with me. As an unsocialized college freshman, it’s just how it starts.

I don’t remember who she was or what she looked like or how she was related to any of the party goers, but I won’t forget how conflictingly resentful and relieved at the sudden reality- I couldn’t blend in, try as I might (and did).


A longtime favorite blogger of mine once said “I don’t wear strange things just so people can look at me. I wear it because that’s what I’m comfortable in”.

People I’ve admired on all accounts, go out of the way to be their true selves. People who aren’t afraid to be uncool or look ‘interesting’ as the Midwesterners say. The people who stand out, even in the slightest, are the people who just happen to wear their interests on their sleeves (often literally!).

And I love that.

I can’t say I was always that person, but I’ll always take a page from their book.


Long story short, my new obsession is adding accouterments to my head wraps. Small crowns and things.


If people can make them work as necklaces, I figured it’s worth a try.

Headwrap/scarf: Nordstrom Rack

Jacket: Filas

Denim Jeggings: H&M

Socks: Asos

Shoes: Mix No. 6 (DSW)



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I have a love for small details. But I worry no one ever notices because I tend to wear larger items that pull focus. I switch the little accessories out from time to time, but you’ll usually see me in stud earrings, my little cuff and a necklace if I’m feeling fancy.



Most of my jewelry is inexpensive, though I don’t normally find them while thrifting. Day to day, I don’t want a lot of “things” hanging off me. A cool head wrap works just fine.

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But seriously…I miss my tan.

I especially love confusing, endless ties in my head wrap with solid colors, and also my Sahara desert animal scarf I’ve had for ages. It’s from Ragstock, which I’ve since fallen out of love with, given the ridiculous pricing for what could easily be found in any generic thrift store. Still, it’s been hard to part with, and I’m afraid I could never find anything like it again.


Random tidbit: I’m also not the biggest handbag person anymore! I was for a very long time, HUGE collection and everything…but once you forget your wallet in another purse at home, it’s a one and done.

What’s an item in an outfit you can’t get enough of? What’s something you can let go?

The Beautiful Humans Project

Last week, my husband Chris and I were invited to the Beautiful Humans Project event at the Minneapolis Women’s club! Chris was nominated (and WON, but I’ll get to that) for the Photography award. For those who don’t know, Chris, of Chris McDuffie Photography has been working locally for more than 10 years. The Beautiful Humans Project highlights Twin Cities creatives making their mark while also serving their community. We were very fortunate to celebrate friends and colleagues working to make our Cities shine.

Chris was quite surprised of his win. Unlike myself, who walked in arrogant, assuming he would. Can’t tell me anything; I’ll always beleive he deserves it. After all, he’s the eye I rely on for nearly ALL my photos.

It wasn’t chocolate.

Congrats love! Add it to your collection ❤

For those who would like to know, the outfit I’m wearing was featured a few posts back, but young Christoper is sporting a jacket, long sleeve shirt and tie, ALL from H&M. His pin is a Parker Parker original.