Susie Q

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The over saturation of the crop top: A thesis

JK. But seriously, are crops even more prevalent now than in the late 90s/00’s? Popstars wore them with everything; all jeweled out and bedazzled. They never looked practical but I guess they weren’t meant to. I love the evolution of them now- because now, there’s umpteen variations, and they can be super flattering for any body type and still effortless.

I love purple, but I’m finding more interest in pink. I avoided it for years, but I’m more attracted to it when it’s in the form of vintage. This sweater is just inspired vintage, but I get the 50s teenybopper vibe from it. See you at the next sock hop! (that was a thing, right?)

Scarf: Thrifted

Sweater and jeans: H&M

School Drag

Yes, I’m probably that one at school. Head wrap, childlike sweater and a jacket. That’s pretty standard for Elementary dress, but I’m me (quirky and unapologetically BLACK) so I tend to stand out..

In a sea of blondes and brunettes, I opt for a different head wrap everyday. I never wear the same one in a week because, again, #Extra

Peep the pins on my jacket! The red ribbon pin was a gift from my good friend which reads “Internet Participant”. If you can’t already tell, I’m quite good at stating facts and opinions on da web.

Head wrap: Ragstock

Earrings: b.Resale

Sweater: Woolrich

Jacket: Lucky Brand Jeans


What’s better than a lazy, rainy day? A lazy, rainy MONDAY. I’ll admit, it is alarming to get such a nice, spring day five FULL weeks before the vernal equinox. Nonetheless, I enjoyed a little balcony time before sunset.

This cardigan is probably more reminiscent of a holiday ski trip ensemble, but seeing that Minnesota weather is unpredictable that way, it’s best to keep all sweaters within reach.

Cardigan: American Eagle

Jeans: Old Navy

With Love, From Grandma


She’s been away for 12 years now, but everywhere, she remains. I don’t let go of the things that made her unapologetically her. I keep the things long forgotten.

I see myself in the pieces given to me. In pieces still waiting to be found.

I see her. I see my future and her past. I love them both.

When the days grow longer, and the ice starts to melt, I’m reminded that several years ago, the sharpest pain would burrow deep inside my chest. Nothing dulled it. It worsened with other losses. It kept me awake. It left me to wallow.

She left us things, purposefully and not. No year has passed without finding something new from her. I give thanks every day.

I hold her close to my heart where I lay a borrowed broach. This helps.

And it won’t matter if no one loves the feeling of garish and kitsch like she did. I do.

I always will.


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And that, to me, anyway… is style.

Sweater Weather


Sweaters are life.

Seriously. I wouldn’t dare brave a Minnesota winter without them. As I’m typing this, I’m wearing one, AND in the next window at my MacBook about to purchase another. Can’t live without them. Cardigans are nice, but I like the allover comfort a good knit sweater provides, and layering can get old for me, right about this time.

Here’s a trick for those of you who love thrifting as much as I do: It might be summer when your out and about, and a gorgeous knit catches your eye. You may not need it yet, but don’t wait until the air is crisp before you snatch it off the rack. For one, it won’t be there when you come back. And two, some of the best deals for sweaters happen when you least expect it. I pretty much buy them all year round.

All my knits are favorites for different reasons. This one is cool because it’s versatile  when most sweaters aren’t. It’s thick enough to keep comfortable, but thin enough to tuck without looking bulking  up high waist jeans. It also has that muted autumn color I associate with 80s vintage, although this is a recent Top Shop find.

Headwrap: The Wrap Life

Sweater: Top Shop

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: H&M

Ultra Light Beam


I didn’t wake up one morning and think ripped clothes and green hair *might* be my 2017 aesthetic, but sometimes you need to switch some shit up.

I bought this custom Zara shirt through AK Collective,  vintage clothing remixed and curated locally. I bought this top with a purpose, and it exceeded it. I will never part with it, because it holds a particularly unique memory for me: I wore this the night I saw Kanye West live, for the first (and possibly last). You can feel however you want about that now, but the fact remains: this shirt is now legendary.

Top: Zara, by way of AK Collective

Bodysuit: American Apparel

Denim: Old Navy