Bad and Boujee


Rain Drop..

Well this is a turn of aesthetics, isn’t it? Underneath that preppy veneer lies a bit of something more. Forgive me, as this wasn’t my best hair day. Often when I’m sans scarf, I truly DGAF.

As you can see, I’m toying with the minimalist thing. I downsized my home mid 2016, and I’m trying to keep that momentum. While reading up on it, I found an idea that sealed it for me:

Keep only the things that make you happy. If it doesn’t and it’s not useful, you don’t need it. If you have a collection of something that makes it worth while, keep it.

With that, I looked at my closet and decided to keep EVERYTHING.

HA! Bet you didn’t think that’s where the story was headed. But in all actuality, I  did get rid of a lot of DVDs. MOVING ON..

This raincoat was an accidental thrift find that I was mostly ambivalent about. When you end up only kind of liking an item, and then really loving it-it’s the opposite of buyers remorse. It’s treasure now. I’ve always enjoyed the jeans and t-shirt look. But I’m extra, so it’s jeans and bodysuit for me. Add a raincoat.

PS., Who else is going to be really sad when American Apparel closes?? The brand itself is sus and problematic, but by god that stitching lasts a legit lifetime.

(Drop Top.)

Bodysuit: Americal Apparel

Coat: Eddie Bauer

Jeans: Old Navy

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