Make Your Own


I don’t make sense of any of this, this…FASHUN stuff. I just legit like to wear bomber jackets with 50s prom dresses-YA’LL KNOW THIS. Remember that chick in Carrie (the 70s version, the good one) who always wore a baseball cap EVEN to prom? It was the dumbest look, it didn’t even match her damn dress, but she was like whatever, this is me MOM (probably)

I try my best not to wear something to its grave, but when you love it, you love it. And that’s how signatures are made. ❤

Scarf: thrifted

Jacket: Forever 21

Dress: Lipsy London

Bad and Boujee


Rain Drop..

Well this is a turn of aesthetics, isn’t it? Underneath that preppy veneer lies a bit of something more. Forgive me, as this wasn’t my best hair day. Often when I’m sans scarf, I truly DGAF.

As you can see, I’m toying with the minimalist thing. I downsized my home mid 2016, and I’m trying to keep that momentum. While reading up on it, I found an idea that sealed it for me:

Keep only the things that make you happy. If it doesn’t and it’s not useful, you don’t need it. If you have a collection of something that makes it worth while, keep it.

With that, I looked at my closet and decided to keep EVERYTHING.

HA! Bet you didn’t think that’s where the story was headed. But in all actuality, I  did get rid of a lot of DVDs. MOVING ON..

This raincoat was an accidental thrift find that I was mostly ambivalent about. When you end up only kind of liking an item, and then really loving it-it’s the opposite of buyers remorse. It’s treasure now. I’ve always enjoyed the jeans and t-shirt look. But I’m extra, so it’s jeans and bodysuit for me. Add a raincoat.

PS., Who else is going to be really sad when American Apparel closes?? The brand itself is sus and problematic, but by god that stitching lasts a legit lifetime.

(Drop Top.)

Bodysuit: Americal Apparel

Coat: Eddie Bauer

Jeans: Old Navy



When I was a kid, I thought a lot about my world or ‘tomorrow’. And, when I thought of my  “adult” self in the future..this is pretty much how I envisioned. I’ve always had a sense of adorkable, yet bougie way of self expression, if you haven’t already noticed.

I was pretty sure I was going to become a writer or librarian, but instead I sort of became both, and now I’m a teacher. This is overly twee for me to wear to school, even for me. I actually really love good, stereotypical teacher outfits. Autumn shades, tweed, turtle shell..elbow patches?! LOVE.

But I’m human, I’m not Zoey Deschanel, so I limit the urge to add a cardigan or a sweater set to my work outfits. Instead, I’m liable to wear this outfit to a brunch or any day event.

Now that I think of it, this is quite possibly one of few serious looking ensembles I can come up with from my closet.

I only do conservative when I can have a lot of fun with it. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking that could be quite the intriguing challenge for me..

Headwrap: The Wrap Life

Vest: Ralph Lauren

Mock Turtleneck: Americal Apparel

Skirt: Francesca’s

Shoes: H&M

Purple Pride


When I was in kindergarten, I cared deeply for the color purple.I colored with it, painted with it, dressed in it, chose it whenever I could. I even tried to persuade my friends to go with it instead of pink or red or whatever subpar favorite they had. I’m much more empathetic towards others’ interests, thankfully. But the love of this royal color remains.

(Side note: Zoom in and peep the crown shaped ring on my thumb. Imaginary Queen level: 10)

Blouse: Ralph Lauren

Dress: Andrea Jovine

Choker: Asos

Boots: Nina New York

Gold Crown Ring: HoneyCat



Sometimes office wear can surprise you. Or me. Mostly me.  My life doesn’t normally call for it, but it’s always good to have pieces for any and all occasions (My husband calls this hoarding, but I call it being prepared). That being said, I found this top and skirt on different occasions, while routinely looking for additional scarves/headwraps to include in my horad/collection.

This photo is great and all (thanks hubby) but it says nothing about the true detail of the geometric cutouts of the turtleneck, or the gorgeous slits and texture of the Versace shirt. In due time. In other outfits.

(Ps: If you know what movie I’m referencing in the title, we’re best friends. Iconic.)


Faux turtleneck: I.N.C

Skirt: Versus by Versace

Earrings: H&M

Spice Up Your Life


I was never a huge fan of fur (or even faux fur), but this season, I’ve been living for the look of Scary Spice, circa ’97, essentially (think the 2 Become 1 video). This look doesn’t nail it, but the vibe is intact, along with every purchase I’ve made so far in 2017. Like, how many fur stoles can one woman have in her closet? Let’s find out.

Fun fact: My dad almost confiscated my Spice album after finding out all the sexy lyrics came with it. Mind you, I was a smooth 9 years old, and graciously lived on a diet of several top 10 countdown video programming. There was protest.

Dress : Maggie London

Fur Stole: Amazon

Gold hoop earrings: H&M