Innovations 2016



So 2016 was pretty awful. I had my share of hiccups and setbacks, but like the optimistic flower that I am, I thank the universe for allowing me to┬ábreathe and grow. I’m in the strongest creative drive I’ve been in for awhile, and I’ve watched her FLOURISH. Let this be a testimony: Hard work and speaking things into existence payyyyz.

Early in November, I was given the opportunity to feature my styling in this year’s Sol Inspiration’s Innovation Fashion Show. I worked with b. Resale for looks totally inspired by the way I dress every damn day (can’t you tell??). Each look is completely second hand And/OR locally created. Sol Inspirations is dedicated to eco fashion and I admire and believe in it 100%.

It was so good to work hard to create beauty through fashion, and I want my 2017 to have an abundance of it! Thank you JoJo Bell and Billie White for supplementing the fierceness for the looks. Thank you Sol Inspirations for the opportunity to shine with some major greats, and thank you 2016 for giving me more than a few chances to shine this year.

Cheers and Happy New Year!