Curated Stress

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Another day, another fashion show! Curated Style Fashion Show: Straight from the Runway at Mall of America, showcased some of Project Runway’s best and brightest designers. I personally enjoyed the eye popping designs of Layana Aguliar and the cool girl vibe of Christopher Straub‘s. The attention to detail and focus floored me; of course good work like theirs comes with months (years!) of preparation.

My best outfits happen without prior thought and severely under pressure. Or, at least I get the most compliments from the ones where I’ve had the highest stress levels.

Long day, deep REM nap and 20 minute prep time. Maybe it’s the teacher in me..I like being prepared and organized, but I’m best under time constraints and sparce resources. It’s just the problem solving of a procrastinator, but that doesn’t sound as cool.

This is a dress I’ve worn never. It’s one of those you keep on hand in case an unfortunate incident requires it (i.e. funeral dress). The lining and structure is exquisite (for AA), so I don’t mind it taking up closet space. I realized all I needed was some layering to make a boring dress look pretty smart and chic.

I think I finally found it’s use for the fall and winter months, and it only took a 15 minutes haste in the span of 4 years of ownership. Win..?


Headwrap – The Wrap Life

Earrings/shoes – H&M

Dress – American Apparel

Sleeveless button down – Arc’s Value Village

Backpack – Marshell’s