Fashion Week Minnesota

YES, there is such a thing.

I rep hard for creatives in this city and-trust-there are SOOO many. The culture here in the Twin Cities is amazing, and Fashion Week MN is routinely on point.

I was honored to be a show attendant as well as a show HOST this year! FGI MSP’s Fall:Into Luxury fashion show featured looks by local designers and stores. This was by far my favorite look of the night:


Photo courtesy of FGI MSP Instagram

Hosting duties were split between me and Sarah Edwards, who really seemed to enjoy my late-in-the-day coffee fueled dancing.


Photo courtesy of FGI MSP Instagram

The evening was a success! I didn’t get to try out any jokes but I didn’t stutter, so I gave myself a B+. Adequate, but left room for improvement.


Photo Courtesy of Hita & Hill Instagram

That following evening, I attended Envision’s 10 year anniversary show. As you can see, I really get into an era inspiration when autumn rolls around. Maybe it’s the browns and yellows, but I gravitate toward late 60s early 70s looks about this time. I don’t believe in leaving white after Labor Day or whatever-the-hell fashion rules, so I don’t go by the rule of keeping pastels in spring either. My style motto: I don’t give a fuq, do whatever you want. (I just made that up. Let’s use it, shall we? #IDGAFDWYW) I also have an aversion to matching, so I tend to go the rainbow route and throw a few different colors on the easel.





Quiet before the fashion storm


By far, my favorite looks of the night came from Cliché in Minneapolis. Everything worked for me, the coats, the dresses, the socks and platforms and…THE METALLIC HEADDRESSES. I wouldn’t shut up about them, so naturally I was gifted the biggest one by the owners. I think I’ll wear it to work.

And so ends another Fall Fashion Week MN. I’ll be front row again next spring!

Dresses: (Green maxi) Asos, (Pink mini) Lipsy London

Head Wraps: gifted and thrifted (Purple) from a freind (Yellow) Arc Value Village – Richfield

Shoes: Target

Earrings: (White tassels) Get Flaunted (Gold leaves) b. Resale

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  1. JoJo · September 26, 2016

    This post is everything!


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