Black Widow


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This particular evening called for all black, accentuating one stunning, glittery woman turning 30 (Hey Ash!) But while putting this outfit together, I recalled having far more black in my closet some years ago for such occasions. Similar look, but one very different reason I kept it: I used black to blend in while accompanying my husband Chris at events.

The field of fashion can be elitist, and as the wife of an editorial photographer, it was all very intimidating. I didn’t feel I belonged, and I was afraid to express my own style because of it. As I grew to love myself more, I understood how clothing can be an outlet of pride in myself.

Black isn’t a neutral, it’s straight up bold and elegant (as anyone could see in my previous BEY-centric post).

Of course the new and improved me hinted through (hence the bold lip, the wrap, and that lettermen jacket that keeps popping up-get used to it-fall is here and I’m obsessed).




Earrings- H&M

Necklace-Thrifted (Arc)

Top-American Apparel

Black Denim- Asos

Shoes-Steve Madden






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