This dress has been in and out of my ‘TO GO’ thrift box for almost 2 years. I can never bring myself to make up my mind about it. Strange, since it’s a great statement/knock around summer staple from an Urban Outfitters visit nearly 5 years ago. I loved it so much, I even paid FULL PRICE, and it’s safe to say I’ve received ever penny worth. It can be a bit cumbersome for a girl like me, rollin’ on D’s; The cutouts on the sides have a way of moving, exposing the bra you worked so tirelessly to camouflage (but not well enough). Though, I can’t let go of what is still well stitched and effortlessly cool (for UO..everything else I bought since lasts one season at best).

I call it my Keith Haring dress, so the attachment is obviously still there. Kanye shrug.


Silence and Noise Dress

low top Converse in Tiffany Blue

Arc Value Village-Richfield scarf turned head wrap

b.Resale earrings

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