My Summer ’16

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Well friends, we’re in the last days of August, and the end of another summer in Minnesota. The season is so short, Minnesota packs in a helluva lot, and minus one week, I was here to enjoy it. This summer was a culmination of everything I’ve worked tirelessly for in the past three years. Before this year, I struggled to be open, to be seen and heard. I struggled to believe my body is a temple and a force to be reckoned with. I struggled with relationships that didn’t help me grow. I came into this year to put in the work, overcoming them all in some major events.

Here are the top 3 highlights of my summer:

3. Meeting Bob The Drag Queen-I’ll start off by saying that my fav from season 8 of Rupaul’s Drag Race called me out while on stage and later told me I was pretty. His assistant assumed I was a size small in t-shirts. All while on the 3rd day of my menstrual cycle. Heaven sent me two angels that day.

2. I visited the place I will for sure haunt after I die-New Orleans. While in my favorite city, I stumbled upon the NOLA Pride parade and gained the privilege to throw beads atop a float down Bourbon Street. I had the spirit of Big Freedia coursing through my veins.

1. After pouring blood, sweat and tears into my fitness, I ran- *and finished*- The Tough Mudder THREE YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE. Yes. It was #1 on my five year plan and I crushed it in record time. I climbed walls, jumped in deep sludge, I was even ELECTROCUTED. But it was all worth it to feel the strength I doubted but knew I had deep down, but too afraid to tap into. Bad feet, bad knees, whatever the excuse-I did it-and I just like that, major bad habits were unlearned.

Nothing this summer, or this year has come easy. Sacrifices were made for every one of them, but the pay off will forever live with me. Small or large, I had fun and I came into my own, and my little world responded.

Whether it was joy or pain, tears were shed. The work isn’t done. I still have a Masters and a pair of roller skates to gain next year..

I’m ready for you, 2017.

Honorary Mentions of Summer 16:

-A teenage girl thought my poolside outfit was ‘super amazing’. Huzzah! I’m still relevant!

-Decor in my new apartment is now so *me* and on point, I come home happier everyday than when I left, which is new, but means everything. Like a Sim, my environment levels are through the roof (literally).

-You’re reading my blog, (!!!) which means more to me than just a mention, but I didn’t have a picture of me hunched over my Macbook with a stupid grin on my face. Nor do we want one. Thanks!




Statement Pieces. I love a good head wrap, a stunning coat and fussy dresses.

Sometimes, I like to put all of my favs together and see the outcome. It occurred to me after looking at this photo, that I have some serious preppy angst I’m still trying to overcome. I’m positive I just made it up, but it still runs deep. And when I say I gave all my teenaged earnings to Ralph Lauren….

Also, I don’t want to brag, but I put this look together feverishly the night before, then rushed, having to put it on in the backseat of my car after a grueling day with eighteen 4 year olds.

Honestly, nothing about this should look as calm and cool as it does. Kudos to my photographer.


Head Scarf-Thrifted (Arc’s Value Village)


Letterman Jacket-Forever 21 (Thrifted from Arc)

Belt-Vintage Coach (Thrifted)




This dress has been in and out of my ‘TO GO’ thrift box for almost 2 years. I can never bring myself to make up my mind about it. Strange, since it’s a great statement/knock around summer staple from an Urban Outfitters visit nearly 5 years ago. I loved it so much, I even paid FULL PRICE, and it’s safe to say I’ve received ever penny worth. It can be a bit cumbersome for a girl like me, rollin’ on D’s; The cutouts on the sides have a way of moving, exposing the bra you worked so tirelessly to camouflage (but not well enough). Though, I can’t let go of what is still well stitched and effortlessly cool (for UO..everything else I bought since lasts one season at best).

I call it my Keith Haring dress, so the attachment is obviously still there. Kanye shrug.


Silence and Noise Dress

low top Converse in Tiffany Blue

Arc Value Village-Richfield scarf turned head wrap

b.Resale earrings