Start from the..middle

There were two things I did this time last year that put gears in motion for my rebirth:

1. I ‘broke up’ with a long time friend and enabler 

2. Called out another long time friend of a friend by writing ‘bigot 😊’ on her Facebook page. 

That last one was petty, but best believe when I tell you, it was well overdue. 
I’m Vanessa. I’ve been a timid person for a very long time. People know me (*if they notice me that is) by my ability to stay quiet. I’m The Good Listener. 

But I didn’t start out that way. 

Before elementary school, I needed to be center of attention, and I didn’t mince my words to get it. Somewhere down the road though, I lost that drive to just be ME, and I continued that for what felt like an eternity. 
It would come out in spurts (my opinions, thoughts, ideas and all around candor) sporadically. And friends *really* didn’t like that. It just wasn’t ME…

But I knew me. I just let others define me, and never questioned them. Never pushed them to see someone just as complicated as them. 

Never mind why I decided now was the time.. ..Actually, do mind, because it’s why I’m starting this blog! 

The best therapy for me is to speak the truth, and I’m happy to share (finally). 

How about *you* come listen 👂🏾